Golf and Beaches, a colourful mix

Assess the situation and the distance to the hole, search for the perfect position, hit the ball with a solid, precise strike from an undistinguishable mix of club and ball, and see it ripping through the air.

You are immersed in La Serena Golf, a magnificent 18-hole course surrounded by a special melody -the murmur of the sea when the waves break right in front of you-, and the exuberant palm trees softly rocked by the warm, fresh breeze.

La Serena Golf is not only about feeling your sport, but also about people, experiences, moments. There is something about La Serena Golf… Indulge yourself and feel the small things in each moment.

Attention to details

Sunbreeze, our residential development, overlooks the Gulf of Mar Menor next to Los Narejos beach, one of the six best beaches in Spain and Los Alcázares sports port. Sunbreeze has been designed by our architects to combine a minimalist style of detached homes and an enviable landscape.

The 18-hole golf course has been engineered by Manolo Piñero, who based the project on attention to the details to be included in La Serena Golf so that each golfer could feel the magic of the sport through a layout that encompasses different landscapes and adjusts to the orography and vegetation of the area.

However, Sunbreeze is not only about location. Both the design and the construction of the residential development result from always demanding respect for the environment and compliance with high quality standards for our projects, not only regarding design, development or completion, but also the materials we work with.

Manolo Piñero. Golf Champion. California 1976.